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COO Appointment Announcement

Jim Dodd – COO Appointment Announcement Don Zehr, CEO of the Zehr Group of companies, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jim Dodd as Chief Operating Officer, effective December 1, 2020. Jim is currently Vice President of Business Development for Zehr Group, having joined the company earlier this year. In his new role, Jim will […]

JIM DODD – Vice President of Business Development appointed by Zehr Group

Don Zehr, CEO of the Zehr Group, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jim Dodd, as Vice President of Business Development. 

Jim is a highly respected and well-known member of the property development, management and construction industries.  He most recently served for more than 15 years as Director of Land Acquisitions and Development for Reid’s Heritage Homes and has former experience as a Development Planner for McDonald’s Restaurants in Canada.

In his new capacity at Zehr Group (ZG), Jim will enhance the range and scope of the company’s land acquisitions and work with all corporate partners and investors to bring new projects successfully to market. He will focus on the continuous growth of ZG and its associated companies, in particular its construction arm Zehr Levesque Inc.

“We are delighted that Jim can join us and feel sure that his wide-ranging and highly reputable experience will be an enormous benefit to us and to our activities”, said Don Zehr.

ZG is one of Waterloo Region’s highest profile development, construction and property/management ownership groups.  Established in the late 70’s it has completed projects in various areas across Canada and throughout the region. ZG USA also has a satellite office in New York City and has several investments in the United States.

A Message from Zehr Group regarding COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus is growing rapidly and affecting our Region.   The Zehr Group of Companies have been a part of our community for over 30 years and work with many people affected by the pandemic. Therefore, we wanted to share an update on our action plan with not only our employees, but our valued trades, suppliers, tenants, consultants, investors and our community.  As we move through this current situation, our priority is to be upfront with any decision we make and communicate as such.

The Zehr Group of Companies have taken steps to ensure our employees are safe while we continue to go about our daily tasks as much as possible.  Several of us have opted to work from home while others have chosen to distance themselves socially.  We support our staff members choices and will continue to offer the tools they need to be safe and successful during this time.

Our office is now closed to the public however we will continue to uphold our duties by reverting our communication to a more non-social program.  You are welcome to contact us via phone, email, social media or by utilizing our conference call program for larger meetings.  We have a plan in place to help ensure efficiency during this disruptive time, including accounting processes, property management and maintenance programs and construction programs being upheld providing it is safe to do so.

 At this point our construction sites are still operational until such time as the government decides to close them or it becomes a life safety issue which we cannot manage.  Our sites are closed to all unnecessary visitors and we have implemented a number of measures to protect the workers on site.

In order to ensure prompt payment, we request that all vendors submit their invoices electronically by pdf to: ap@zehrgroup.ca and AP-zehrlevesque@zehrgroup.ca for the construction department.

All inquiries regarding payment should also be directed to the respective email addresses noted above.

We are monitoring developments by our government closely and we will follow the guidance of our public health authorities.  As conditions change, our plan will be reviewed and modified, with communication being sent out as needed.  For more information on COVID-19 coronavirus, we suggest you visit canada.ca for updates.

We recognize the stress this may have on our tenants, colleagues and contractors and we appreciate everyone’s cooperation during our efforts.

From All of Us, take care of yourself and your loved ones.  Stay safe!


Zehr Group of Companies

How Zehr is Rebuilding a Community in Kitchener

Conestoga College APFM (Architecture – Project and Facility Management) Award (2016-2017)

Every year Zehr Levesque is honoured to present four (4) awards to the students of the APFM program. One award goes to the student in each year (years 1-4) who demonstrates academic excellence. This award encourages and supports the effort and well rounded work ethics of what Zehr Levesque believes to be important in academic studies. It also creates a connection between Zehr Levesque and the award winning students of the program, fostering their awareness of career opportunities and projects going on in the tri-cities. For the 2016-2017 Academic Year the following awards were presented,

  • First year student Ben Daub
  • Second year student Daria Forsiuk
  • Third year student Carter McHugh
  • Fourth year student Emily Cross-Wilkinson

Innovation Award for Zehr Levesque!

Two years of intense construction was recently acknowledged by the Grand Valley Construction Association during the 2018 Building Excellence Awards gala. Catalyst 137 received the coveted Innovation Award. Zehr Levesque is proud to have successfully led the construction of this iconic building in Kitchener’s Midtown. Under the leadership of John MacDonald, Vice President, the coordination of multiple stakeholders and risk management was dealt with swiftly. This was confirmed by Owner Frank Voisin who stressed that “the entire Project Team approached the task with enthusiasm and deftly managed owner and tenant driven changes,” to execute “a challenging project, at a scale almost unparalleled within our region, on schedule and on budget.”

Envisioned as a hub for local makers innovating the IoT space, the building not only houses local and international tenants but plays host to numerous events. As such, it brings together the business sector and the community-at-large during charity, sales and networking engagements held in its vast common spaces.

Being able to see the evolution from an empty warehouse into an alive venue is the satisfaction Hanna Domagala, who supported the project’s management and led a number of tenant fit-outs, reflects on. She also emphasises the working relationships, often tested but, in the end, strengthened between all parties involved.

It was the day-to-day management of construction activities that proved critical to the completion of Catalyst 137. Undertaking a project with an evolving design as well as difficult conditions uncovered along the way, demanded flexibility and prompt action. This was especially true for Randy Ransome, Site Superintendent, who adapted superbly. Randy could foresee obstacles, suggest improvements and manage many simultaneous tasks and workers on site.

While some challenges could be overcome quickly, others needed input form the entire Consultant team, Zehr Levesque as well as Owner’s approval. For example, the fire protection system, originally planned to be renovated only, required to be brought into the building, as its underground structure proved to be in dire state. A swift redesign and construction rescheduling were executed to keep work flowing uninterrupted. Similarly, the existing site conditions demanded re-evaluation of site design. This was effectively performed while site servicing was already fully underway.

As highlighted by the GVCA during the awards gala, the building’s sheer size presented a notable challenge. The alternate solution to exiting, presented by the building’s designers SRM Architects, was unique to this building and endorsed by the Building Official and Fire Department. Its design and approval process impacted the building permit, therefore construction capabilities. The building’s steel structure also needed improvements and reinforcing to support its new uses and equipment. This in turn reduced the ability for various trades to begin work immediately, thus requiring careful sequencing of trades.

Today, the building houses multiple tenant suites, from single offices to larger company headquarters. Common spaces and communal corridors showcase its industrial history, while providing for new and comfortable amenities, to be enhanced by the café and restaurant/brewery opening soon.

To John MacDonald, Catalyst 137 has been one of those construction adventures he will remember as an “amazing project with hard working people and big dreams.” Ultimately, as construction managers, Zehr Levesque staff are at the forefront key urban transformations. To the Kitchener-Waterloo community, Catalyst 137 is a fantastic example of revitalization efforts that made an unused site another great focus point.

The Grand Ride

The Grand Ride was a huge success! This year over $385,000 was raised by 55 riders, with all proceeds benefiting the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre.

Team Zehr Group, which included: Don Zehr, Zac Zehr, Bryan Hopps, Regan Hickson, and Chris Mannhardt, raised $25,210, surpassing our $20,000 goal!

We want to thank all of our supporters for their generosity. This is Zehr Group’s third year participating in the event; we all hope next year will be just as successful as this year!

For more information on The Grand Ride, click here.

Zehr Levesque recognized at GVCA Building Excellence Awards!

Zehr Levesque was recognized with two awards from the Grand Valley Construction Association – Building Excellence Awards on April 29, 2016.

Mammoet Canada Eastern Head Office in Puslinch won an Award of Excellence for the Industrial $10 – $20 Million category.

Breithaupt Block – Building One in Kitchener won an Award of Distinction for Restoration and Conversion category.

Congratulations to all those involved in both of these exciting projects.

Please see the link for access to the GVCA website and a listing of all recognized projects.

Team Zehr Group raises over $18K in this year’s Grand Ride

Congratulations to Team Zehr Group raising over $18,000 in The Grand Ride on Saturday September 12! The Grand Ride raised over $275,000 this year with all proceeds benefiting the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre.

We want to thank all of our supporters for their generosity. This is Zehr Group’s second year participating in the event; we all hope next year will be just as successful as this year!

Grand Ride

(Bryan Hopps, Zac Zehr, Rob Lamka (KPMG), and Don Zehr as they complete The Grand Ride)